History Of Haitian Coffee

Coffee has been grown in Haiti since 1725. It was once the world’s leading coffee producer responsible for half of the world’s production. Due to political turmoil and natural disasters coffee production in Haiti has since declined to about 2%. Our goal is to share the best kept secret of gourmet coffee with the world!

Meet The Owners

David and Gewaldine are proud Haitians on a mission to create jobs, as well as opportunities for Haitian civilians and farmers. Their goal is to expose the world to the unique history, culture, and taste of Haitian coffee. This husband & wife duo has a deep fond love for coffee and brewing the perfect cup. They’ve traveled far and wide perfecting their taste palettes to recognize various bean profiles and specialty coffees. Their dream is to increase the demand for Haitian coffee worldwide, and eventually open up a coffee shop that will promote Haitian art, food, and music.